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Opening Remarks

Disrupting the Disruptors: Effectively and Responsibly Harnessing the Power of AI

Generative AI is poised to become one of the most disruptive technologies of our time. There is no shortage of emerging applications that promise increased productivity, new levels of automation and innovation. But there is also a growing risk in applying this technology to the wrong use cases or, worse, of the technology being exploited by bad actors for nefarious purposes. 

Join Nicole Eagan, Chief AI and Strategy Officer for Darktrace, to cut through the Generative AI hype. Nicole will break down how applying the right type of AI to the right security challenge can transform the workflow of your security team and help you stay ahead of a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Nicole will also provide actionable advice for fostering a productive and trusted relationship between your security team and AI so that you can use it responsibly and effectively to protect your business.

Security Validation as the Heart of Exposure Management

To increase security readiness given today’s dynamic attack surfaces and diverse cyber threats, security professionals need to move away from traditional vulnerability-centric methods to a new approach that identifies exploitable security exposures in their live IT environments.

Gartner describes Exposure Management (EM) as a new framework that incorporates the adversary's view to continuously uncover exploitable security gaps, and prioritize remediation accordingly. One of the pillars of EM is security validation, which provides evidence of attackers’ possible achievements in the context of an organization’s deployed assets, configurations, and security controls.



Panel: The Future of Public Cloud Security: Emerging Technologies and Trends

Moderator: Joe Toste / Host of the Public Sector Show by TechTables




Andrew Phillips / Senior Director of Engineering at ShareFile


Helvetiella Longoria / Chief Information Security Officer at Florida International University
Julie OBrien, Dazz CMO


Julie O'Brien / Chief Marketing Officer at Dazz
Michelle Headshot - Palo Alto 2


Michelle Jackman / Cloud Security Leader at Palo Alto Networks


Lessons from the Galaxy—A New Hope for our Future

What are the Empire and the Rebel Alliance teaching us about the future of cybersecurity? The galaxy will still be filled with cybersecurity threats but there are lessons to be learned to prepare for a better way. 

Who should be involved in risk assessment from the Imperial High Command? How can we recruit others for the cybersecurity cause? Why is the language of cybersecurity the preparation needed for emerging cyber risks and threats?

In this session, you’ll see the mistakes Darth Vader and others made, so you don’t suffer the same fate.

Coffee Break / Vendor Meet & Greet


The State of Cybersecurity - What 2022 Tells us About 2023

Cyber-attacks generally reflect geo-political conditions and economic realities. This is especially true in the public sector. 2022 was a year of both conflict and macro- economic pressures that fostered innovation and evolution of cyber attacks. 

During this keynote, Kevin Mandia will discuss what we've witnessed on the front lines, responding to hundreds of cyber intrusions in 2022, and how those insights can help defenders better prepare for 2023. He will share the TTPS of the attackers as well as the trends in cyber defense so public defenders can make more informed decisions.  

Panel: Cybersecurity in the Crosshairs: Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Combatting Cyber Terrorism in an Increasingly Complex Threat Landscape

Moderator: Luis Ortega / Vice President at Allied Universal Risk Advisory and Consulting Services




Chris Brown / Senior Network Security Instructor & Cyber SME at Corelight
Lawrence Embil Headshot - PNG2


Lawrence Embil / Cybersecurity Manager at Miami Dade County


Morgan Wright / Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne


Paul Martini / Chief Executive Officer at iboss


Use the Force: 4 Tips for Streamlining Cybersecurity through Disruptive Technology

The once popular cybersecurity models have proven ineffective, time and time again. While an evolution is clearly needed, organizations often struggle with where to start. Lumu’s Founder and CEO will provide 4 simple tactics organizations can implement to uplevel their cybersecurity programs effectively. 

Attendees will learn: 
  • GPS vs Google Maps - Why cybersecurity must evolve and it will regardless of who is on board
  • How to and why you should move away from a “haystack” defense strategy (SIEMs, EDRs, etc.)
  • How to use the network as the source of truth 

"In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way." - Master Yoda

Closing Remarks

Closing Cocktail Reception

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